Making Vegetable Juice in a Blender

For this experiment, I wanted to try to make vegetable juice from scratch using a blender. Overall, the result did not end up tasting too bad, but I definitely would not call it vegetable juice. Similar to my experiment making orange juice with a blender, the end result was very thick and pulpy.


I used two large tomatoes, a handful of baby carrots, a small piece of onion, and a couple of celery stalks. Salt and pepper were added for taste at the end.



Chop all of the ingredients into smaller pieces to ensure that they blend well. If you use really large tomatoes, I recommend that you cut them up into about eight smaller pieces.

Place all of the ingredients into the blender container. Start the blender at a low power level, and then slowly work it up to a high power level.

Thoughts and Commentary

It is important that you chop the vegetables up into smaller pieces, otherwise they will get wedged in the blender container and the blade won’t chop anything.

If you’ve already put all the ingredients in the blender and it is still stuck, then adding a liquid can help free the ingredients and get everything moving around again. I did have to add a small amount of extra water to make sure that all the ingredients were mixing together.

You can also cut the power, take the blender container off the base, and then give the container a quick shake up and down to try to free the ingredients.


This vegetable drink really tastes quite bland if you do not add any seasoning to it. Just a little bit of salt and a small amount of pepper can really help the flavor. Hot sauce could also be added to really spice up the drink.

Juice, Smoothie, or Gazpacho?

The end result of this experiment was so thick and pulpy, that it would probably be more accurate to call it a vegetable smoothie instead of vegetable juice.

It is also possible that this experiment could be used as the basis of a gazpacho soup recipe. It would still need a lot of tweaking, however. An acidic component would have to be added, like red wine vinegar or lime juice.


Here is a short video showing the making of the vegetable juice.


If you have extra vegetables laying around your house or fridge and you don’t know what to make with them and you don’t want them to go to waste, you could try throwing them into a blender to make vegetable juice.

This was an experiment, and not all experiments turn out to be resounding successes. But it is important to have fun and keep on trying new things in the kitchen.

I may try another experiment in the future to see if I can make a vegetable drink that is less pulpy, and more juice like.