Orange Vanilla Protein Shake

As I’ve mentioned before, I love making protein shakes with my blender, so here is another delicious shake to try out. This one was inspired by a recipe suggestion that came with one of my protein shakers. Protein shakers are great, but I think that shakes taste so much better when ice has been chopped up and blended in. You just can’t match that texture.


Ingredient Amount
Orange Juice 1 Cup
Ice 1 Cup
Vanilla Protein Powder 1 Scoop



Put all the ingredients in the blender. Start off the blender at low power, and slowly turn the power higher. Blend until smooth.

Thoughts and Commentary

This protein shake is a little different since it uses orange juice as the base liquid instead of milk. To be honest, I was a little skeptical that it would actually work out, but it did.

My wife did not like the taste, she thought that the protein powder flavor was overwhelming. Perhaps it was because of the brand and flavor of protein I used, or perhaps it was because the shake just doesn’t have that many ingredients.

It got me thinking about how else I could tweak the recipe to improve the flavor. I will definitely have to keep experimenting.

Seedless Mandarin Oranges

Instead of using premade orange juice, you could put in whole seedless mandarin oranges. The end result might be a little thicker since it will include all of the pulp from the oranges.

Similarity to Orange Ice Cream

Overall, this recipe isn’t too different from the recipe for orange ice cream. You could pull elements from this one into the other, or vice versa. Try adding more ice to this recipe, or placing the end result in the freezer. Or try making the ice cream recipe but add a scoop of vanilla protein powder.


You could also try adding milk to this recipe. Adding milk could help if you think the orange juice is too sweet, or you want the extra protein from the milk.

Making With a Protein Shaker

If you just cut out the ice from the ingredients list, you can easily make this using just a protein shaker.


You might have a few go to recipes for protein shakes, but it never hurts to know another one. You could use this recipe when you are out of milk, but still have some orange juice left in your fridge. Or try it out just to mix things up. Enjoy!