This blog is all about having fun making food and experimenting with different flavors, recipes, and kitchen gadgets. There is a heavy focus on using high powered blenders and a much smaller focus on the precise measurement of ingredients. We already have enough things to worry about in our everyday lives–is there any need to stress out about measuring an exact tablespoon of sugar when a couple quick spoonfuls will get the job done?

We also include short, entertaining videos for our recipes. Cookbooks only show one perfect photo of the finished product and we all know that when you try to make the same recipe in your own kitchen it never ends up looking quite as nice. When you watch a video of a recipe being made you get the full idea of how the raw ingredients are transformed into the final product. So even if our photo of the finished product looks too good to be true you’ll be able to see how we got there.

Thanks for visiting, and be sure to check out the post Why Use a Blender to see why it is a such an awesome kitchen gadget.