Making Cupcakes in a Blender

For my wife’s birthday, I decided to make her cupcakes using a pre-made mix from the store.

A few days after finishing off the last of the cupcakes I started to wonder how hard could it be to make cupcakes from scratch? I searched online and decide to follow the first recipe that came up. And I by follow, I mean kind of look at the ingredients for a couple seconds and think I’ve got this.

I gathered all the necessary ingredients, and decided to use the blender to mix them together.

As I attempted to blend the ingredients at high speed, strange noises came from the blender and a burning smell filled the air. And then the base of the blender rotated slightly to the right.

Not good.

The batter was so thick that the blade had stopped spinning and the motor had turned the base.

Realizing the problem, I immediately turned off the blender. If the batter was too thick I needed to make it more liquid. I opened the lid of the container and poured in some more milk. I grabbed a spatula and manually mixed the batter for about twenty seconds.

I put the lid back on and tried powering up the blender again. It sounded a little better, but I cut the power.

The burning stench still filled the air.

Was I continuing to destroy the motor, or had the burning smell never left after my first round of blending?

Not wanting to further damage my expensive gadget, I took the container off the base and used the spatula to manually mix the batter. There was something ironic about mixing ingredients by hand in the blender container, but I didn’t want to make any more dirty dishes.

At least the blender container made it easy to pour the batter into the cupcake wrappers.

I put the cupcakes in the oven, and waited patiently to see how they would turn out.

In the end the cupcakes didn’t rise exactly the way I wanted them to. It turns out that I probably made the batter too thick. Maybe if the batter hadn’t been so thick to begin with then the blender wouldn’t have had any problems.

Final Thoughts

I need to be more careful when using the blender to make batters in the future. Before you start mixing the ingredients together it can be tough to tell how thick the batter will be. I could also try mixing some of the ingredients in the blender and some in a bowl by hand.

The cupcakes I made didn’t look great, but still tasted pretty good. I almost destroyed my blender in the process, but I still had fun experimenting!

(But seriously, I need to make sure I don’t destroy my blender.)