Why Use a Blender?

Cooking is an art.

Baking is a science.

Blending is real.

Real transformation of raw ingredients into delicious smoothies, drinks, sauces, slushies, and more.

Blending is Fast

Make a power smoothie for breakfast and still make it to your morning meeting on time. And cleaning up the mess is fast too!

Blending is Functional

Leftover spinach leaves in the fridge? Don’t know what to do with them before they go bad? Don’t throw them out–blend them into a healthy green drink.

Blending is Frugal

No need to buy peanut butter or guacamole or other prepared sauces. Make them yourself and save money.

Blending is Forgiving

Milkshake too thick? Top it off with some more milk and blend it again. Need more flavor? Throw in a banana and blend it again. Blending is great for people who don’t like to measure ingredients.

Blending is Fun

Come on, who doesn’t like watching all those ingredients get chopped up?